The basics of a Mature Hairline

For men, a thinning hairline can be very stressful, especially for those under 40 that can notice how their hairline is not where it used to be, but this stress might be misplaced. It's easy to just assume it is a sign of balding, but it might just be maturing. A maturing hairline is something that the majority of men will pass through in their lives, so one must understand what it is and how it differs from a balding hairline.

What is a Mature Hairline?

Before jumping in, we must know what a hairline is, which is the edge of a person’s hair above the forehead. There are different types and styles of the hairlines, and that depends on many different factors like age and genetics, among others.

Most men between the ages of 17 and 30 will develop a “mature” hairline as a sign of getting older. A mature hairline happens when the hairline retreats about half an inch to an inch from where it used to be in our teens. This is completely natural for most men.

Why does this happen? Is it normal?

Basically, it happens because of aging. As we mature, our bodies continue to develop, this includes our hair. In general, the hairline is affected by hormones that our body produces as it matures, and these cause the maturing of our hair.


Difference between mature hairline and balding.

While the majority of men´s hair will mature, there is also a chance that it could be the dreaded balding, which is also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, also more commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) that is caused by a number of factors, but it is entirely a genetic condition. Learn more about a receding hairline.

First it must be clear that all hair is different, and how to identify a mature hairline vs a receding one will be different for everyone, but in general there are ways to measure if it is a receding hairline caused by MPB or if it is simply maturing.

  • Constantly losing hair: If you lose more than 100 hairs a day, it could be a sign of balding.
  • More recession in your temples: In a receding hairline there can be an extra recession in your temples, this could be a sign of a receding hairline.
  • Hair beyond the hairlines: The hairline is supposed to be the limit of the hair, if there are any small or short hairs beyond this limit, that can be a clear sign of a balding hairline.

Another way is to use the professional Hamilton-Norwood scale. The scale goes through 7 levels of baldness. And the majority of those who suffer from MPB will pass through all of the levels. Learn more about the Hamilton-Norwood scale.

If the hairline is similar to the first or second level, then it can be considered a mature hairline. Anything beyond 3 can be considered a receding hairline. So, before jumping to conclusions, identify the correct hairline, by either doing the steps before, or speaking to a hair professional.

How to deal with a mature hairline

As mentioned, a mature hairline is natural, it will happen sooner or later for the majority of us. The only thing now is to deal with it, and there are a couple of ways to achieve this.

  • Embrace it, it was bound to happen, so embrace the mature hairline to feel more confident.
  • Remember that a mature hairline is not the same as receding hairline, some men will keep that hairline until old age.
  • Mature hairlines also look good, while not the same amount of hair as it used to be, they can still look good and give off an elegant look.
  • Explore different hairstyles, this can be the perfect opportunity to give some hairstyles a try, that were not possible before. The perfect hairstyle is possible for a mature hairline also.

A mature hairline will happen, so there is nothing to fear, just embrace it and know that everyone will go through with some aspect of it. And with the correct hairstyle it will look amazing regardless of the lack of volume from past years.

If you are unsure of your type of hairline, we recommend speaking to a hair specialist, they can give you a correct assessment of your hair so you can analyze the different options on how to deal with it. Many hair clinics give free online consultations to determine whether or not you are suffering from MPB, or just have a maturing hairline.

At Hair Center Mexico our professional hair surgeons will be more than happy to help, and tell you if you have a maturing or receding hairline and what are the options on how to deal with them.

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