FUE Hair Transplant: Second Hair Transplant


The aim of the patient’s first hair transplant is to improve the hair density, the hairline and to provide full coverage to the balding or thinning areas of the patient’s scalp. A very common question that FUE hair transplant patients have is if one procedure is enough. Frequently, one single procedure is enough. However, some patients will need a second treatment to improve density and the overall look.

It’s crucial to note that patients need to understand that they must wait at least 12 months before determining if they need a second hair transplant. The final result of the first FUE hair transplant can be evaluated by a surgeon after 12 months, after the surgeon’s evaluation it will be decided whether a second hair transplant is needed or not. In addition, it takes 1 year for the donor area to heal and get stronger.

Why Patients Might Need a Second Hair Transplant

There are many reasons why patients might want or need a second hair transplant, some might need to increase their hair density, lower or broaden the hairline or cover areas that they weren’t able to cover with their first FUE hair transplant. Another reason for a second FUE hair transplant might be due to persistent hair loss even after the first procedure. Patients must understand that the density after the second FUE hair transplant will be less than the first, but can still help improve the patient’s overall look and current hair density.

Procedure of a Second FUE Hair Transplant

The procedure of a Second FUE hair transplant will be practically identical to the first one. It will leave minimal scarring that will not be visible after the patient’s hair grows. An FUE hair transplant will take between 4-7 hours and includes the following steps:

STEP 1:The surgeon will shave down the donor area, as well as around the transplant area.
STEP 2:The hair follicles will be removed from the skin by using an FUE instrument such as a manual punch tool.
STEP 3:The surgeon will make small incisions where the extracted follicles will be inserted and insert the follicles into these incisions.
STEP 4:The doctor will clean and bandage the area for recovery.


Post-operative care is extremely important for the second procedure to be permanent and to get the best results possible. The surgeon, just as done with the first procedure, will provide and explain the instructions for an easy and successful recovery.

Additional Information

As stated above, patients must wait a period of at least 10 to 12 months before considering getting a second FUE hair transplant. In addition, they must have a consultation with their surgeon so that they can evaluate whether a second procedure is necessary. The possibility of a second FUE hair transplant won’t only depend on the patient and their surgeon but also on the amount of available hair grafts and the scalp skin’s laxity.