How much is hair transplant in Mexico?

Not everyone is a candidate for hair transplant. Depends on each patient's level of alopecia, type of hair, age, donor area and many other factors.


The best way to know how much you would pay for a hair transplant is with an online evaluation. On an online evaluation, the Hair Transplant Specialist will analyze your information and photos to determine the best treatment. You will learn about your level of alopecia, and the recommended solution.

The FUE hair transplant recommendation, provided by the hair transplant specialist, includes the number of grafts, distribution, cost and other indications depending on each patient.

In order to understand the cost of a hair transplant, it’s important to be informed about the following:

  1. The FUE method is the most effective and advanced hair transplant surgery, single hair grafts are extracted from the donor area and placed into the recipient area.
  2. The surgeon being able to implant each hair graft individually is key to the great results, a FUE hair transplant can look so natural that it may appear as though you never lost your hair at all.
  3. Each hair graft can contain 1 to 4 hairs, this is important because the price of a hair transplant is based on the number of grafts needed to restore a patient's hair.
  4. A hair transplant surgery can last from 4 to 7 hours depending on each patient. The recovery time, also depends on each patient but in most cases the patient is able to return to their daily routine 10 days after surgery.

The average cost of a FUE hair transplant is shown in this table:

Grafts Our Price Price in Unites States
1,000 $2,400 $4,400
1,500 $3,600 $6,600
2,000 $4,800 $8,800

Travel Cost.

Having a FUE hair transplant in Mexico is an affordable option for most Americans.

If you decide to have your hair transplant in Tijuana, you can fly to San Diego and our driver will pick you up at the airport and drive you to your Hotel in Tijuana.

Transportation from/to San Diego Airport is included. Normally the price of a direct flight to San Diego is around $300 USD.


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