Hair Transplant Procedure

FUE, Length and Cost

The most common hair transplant surgery in the past few years in Mexico is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).This technique is very meticulous with a minimum risk of infection or secondary symptoms. The process of a hair transplant is long, it can last between 4-7 hours due to how precise the surgeon needs to be. The time of the surgery will also vary depending on the amount of grafts needed which will change from patient to patient and this will also affect the overall cost of the surgery.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

As stated above, the FUE method is one of the most popular hair transplant procedures. It consists of extracting hair grafts from the donor area, where there is abundant hair, and transplanting them into the receiving area. Some benefits of this technique are unnoticeable scarring, fast recovery,the state-of-the-art technology used to perform the surgery and the fact that the surgeon is able to design a more natural look by placing each hair graft individually. Also, it has a 90% success rate which makes it one of the most successful options for patients suffering with alopecia.

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Cost and Length for Hair Transplant Surgery

As stated above the time of a hair transplant surgery will vary depending on the amount of grafts needed and the expertise of the surgeon, these factors will also affect the price of the surgery. The following is a table showing the relationship between the amount of grafts, time and price for a hair transplant surgery in Mexico which is a country that has highly trained Hair Transplant specialists.

Hair Grafts Times Estimated Price
1,200 4-6 hours $2,700*
2,500 5-7 hours $6,000*
3,000 6 or more hours $6,900*

*These are just estimates of the average price, to determine the price of a hair transplant an online evaluation is needed. Dr.Cortez will determine the number of grafts and price based on your photos

One of the main factors as to why a hair transplant surgery takes such a long time is due to the fact that the surgeon needs to be meticulous and very precise so that the final results of the surgery are positive, as well as the placement of the hair grafts so that they can cover the bald areas and give the illusion of an abundant head of hair. Therefore, not only does it take time but the price is equivalent to the very precise technique and expertise of the surgeon.s

In comparison to countries like the United States and Canada, these prices are very affordable in Mexico, specifically Tijuana offers some of the best prices on the market when it comes to hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant in Tijuana offers high quality procedures, affordable prices, high quality equipment and sterilization techniques which are up to the guidelines followed in countries like the United States and Canada, as well as extremely talented medical personnel that specialize in this specific hair transplant method. Additionally, traveling from the United States or Canada to Mexico involves much shorter travel hours, allowing a more personalized patient-doctor relationship before, during and after the hair transplant surgery.