Hair Medical Restoration in Tijuana

HMR specializes in hair transplant.

We offer surgical procedures to treat Androgenic alopecia, beard and eyebrow alopecia, traction or scar alopecia.


About Hair Medical Restoration (HMR)

HMR is a hair restoration clinic in Tijuana that specializes in FUE technique.

Dr. Jorge Cortez, founder member of HMR, makes sure every hair transplant procedure is done with impeccable precision, personalize design and passion.

With more than 10 years of experience helping patients restore their hair, we can guarantee our FUE hair transplants are 100% effective.


What’s the cost of a hair restoration treatment at HMR?

The fist step to determine the cost of a hair transplant is an Online Evaluation. The cost of a hair transplant depends on many factors, one of them is the number of grafts needed to restore your hair.

Here is a table with the average cost of a hair transplant.

Grafts Our Price Price in Unites States
1,000 $2,400 $4,400
1,500 $3,600 $6,600
2,000 $4,800 $8,800

The FUE Technique at HMR

Experts in the FUE technique.

The FUE Method (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most advanced technique available in the hair transplant industry. It consists in the extraction of individual grafts (containing 1 to 4 hairs) from the donor area and placing them into areas with little or no hair at all.

This technique has many benefits over other hair transplants, learn here more about FUE hair transplant.

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What is included in your FUE all inclusive package?

  • Highly skilled surgeons with over 10 years’ experience
  • Efficient bilingual patient care support
  • 2-night accommodation at a nearby hotel
  • Pre and post-op consultations, and medications*

*Medications are prescribed by Dr. Cortez according to the needs of each patient. Please note that not all medications are included.