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Meet Dr. Jorge Cortez

Hair Transplant Surgeon in Tijuana

Dr. Cortez is a highly skilled hair transplant surgeon with more than 10-years’ experience specializing in the field of hair restoration.

He is known for his knowledgeable and sophisticated approach to the FUE hair transplant method.


Cost of Tijuana Hair Transplant

The average cost of FUE hair transplant in Tijuana is between $2,990 and $6,900 USD depending on the number of grafts each patient needs to restore their hair.

A professional evaluation will allow you to understand the cause of your alopecia and the best way to restore your hair, as well as the number of grafts and sessions needed for your hair transplant procedure.

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There are 7 things to consider when having a hair transplant

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  • Distribution
  • Sessions
  • Medical treatments
  • Price
  • Expectations

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