Mexico and Turkey are the two biggest destinations for Americans looking for affordable hair transplants

Let's take a look and compare both countries to learn which option is best.


Travel cost and time

When seeking hair transplant treatments abroad it is important to consider travel expenses and time. A non-stop flight from New York to Istanbul costs around $900 USD with a 10 hrs flight time.

Meanwhile, getting to Tijuana, Mexico does not require an international flight, it is advisable to fly directly to San Diego and cross the border by car. A non-stop flight from New York to San Diego costs $250 and has a duration of 5hrs 30 min (Cheap Flights).

Average flight costs and time
San Diego, Ca Istanbul, Turkey
San Francisco, Ca $150 & 1hr 30min $1,050 & 13hrs
Chicago, IL $170 & 4hrs 20min $1,060 & 10hrs 30min
Houston, TX $140 & 3hrs 20min $1,950 & 11hrs 50 min

*These are round trip prices based on Google Travel Flights

Affordable Price

Even though Mexico and Turkey are both good options for high quality and low-cost hair transplants. The average price in Turkey is a little less than Mexico.

Compared to each other, Turkey has an average price of $2.1* per graft, and Mexico $2.3* per graft. For a 1,300 grafts FUE hair transplant procedure, the costs would be $2,730 in Turkey and $2,990 in Mexico.

Average costs for a FUE Hair Transplant
Grafts Turkey Mexico
1,000 $2,100 $2,300
2,100 $4,200 $4,620
3,000 $6,300 $6,900

*The price per graft varies depending on the surgeon, clinic, and patient. These are average prices.

Hair Transplant Quality

Turkey and Mexico are considered excellent choices for hair transplants, both are known for their high quality medical treatments and strong tourism industry.

They have state of the art facilities and highly trained surgeons capable of performing a procedure with outstanding results.

It’s important to choose the right surgeon and clinic for your hair transplant, like in any other country not all surgeons or clinics are the same in terms of quality.

Mexico and Turkey are both safe options for affordable hair transplant
We recommend getting a couple of online evaluations before choosing the surgeon and clinic.

Most American patients prefered travel to Mexico for a hair transplant in Mexico because of its proximity with the United States. Also, proximity is very important for post-care and follow up.

Get as many online evaluations as you can, and choose the right surgeon and clinic.

Turkey Mexico
Travel Cost
Affordable Price
High Quality

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