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The cost of a hair transplant is perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider when looking to restore your hair. The price can vary depending on numerous factors, such as how many grafts are required for the treatment, the type of procedure, and the desired result. It can also vary according to the surgeon who performs the intervention, the clinic or facility, and the country where the transplant is being performed.

There are countless clinics around the world offering hair transplant procedures at prices ranging from $2,000 to $25,000. The cost variations are related to the cost of living in the country. These high-quality treatments at affordable prices are one of the reasons why medical tourism has been increasing over the years, and now there is a whole range of possibilities of where to get a hair transplant.

Why should I get a hair transplant in Mexico?

Many patients decide to travel abroad for more budget-friendly options since the cost of a good hair transplant in the United States and Canada is very expensive compared to countries like Turkey, India, and Mexico.

Price comparison chart
Cost of FUE in Mexico, Turkey, India and the United States

Grafts United States Turkey India Mexico
1,000 $4,400 $2,100 $2,300 $2,200
2,500 $11,400 $5,400 $5,700 $5,500
3,500 $15,400 $7,000 $8,700 $7,500

When choosing the best destination people should take into account the quality of the hair transplant and the relation between travel cost and time. Low prices might be attractive, but let’s remember that a cheap hair implant could bring negative consequences, even though these minimally invasive surgeries are safe and associated with very few complications. Plus there’s a higher risk of falling into unsafe clinics operating illegally and unqualified surgeons if the patient decides to travel to a more distant country.

For example, despite the fact it is considered one of the world's most advanced countries in this field and its excellent deals, getting a hair transplant in Turkey might lead to unnecessary risks. Some of the disadvantages, besides the distance, are that the diagnosis is not done in a previous consultation, there is no opportunity to meet the surgeon personally, nor the possibility of seeing the clinic where the intervention will take place. The same may happen if the patient decides to have a hair transplant in India. Either of these two destinations will require a higher investment in airline tickets and accommodation, not to mention the +18 hours of flight time to get there. Other factors would be the language barrier, the currency, and it is more complicated to complain in case of complications because it means travelling to that country again.

So why should I have a hair transplant in Mexico? As one of the top world power countries in medical tourism, Mexico offers more than competitive prices. The quality in terms of equipment and sterilization techniques are up to the guidelines followed in Western countries, as well as the talent of medical personnel. Additionally, traveling from the United States or Canada to Mexico involves much shorter travel hours, allowing a more personalized patient-doctor relationship before, during and after the intervention.

Benefits of getting a hair transplant in Mexico

  • Mexico is one of the top power countries in medical tourism worldwide
  • Equipment and hair transplant techniques are at par with Western countries guidelines
  • Prices are more competitive and patients can save thousands of dollars compared to U.S. prices
  • Highly effective hair transplant procedures performed by qualified, experienced surgeons
  • Patients can return home after treatment is done in just a matter of hours (compared to Turkey and India)

Cost of FUE hair transplant in Mexico

The average cost of FUE hair transplant in Mexico is between $2,990 and $6,900 USD depending on the number of grafts each patient needs to restore their hair.

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Main cities for hair transplant in Mexico

Mexico is one of the largest and most sophisticated medical tourism destinations in the world. There are several options of where to get a hair transplant in Mexico, such as Tijuana, Monterrey, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun.

Hair transplant in Tijuana

Tijuana is without question the first center of medical tourism across Mexico and an internationally recognized destination for hair transplant solutions.

One of the main benefits of undergoing a hair transplant in Tijuana, Mexico is its proximity to the United States. This city is close to most primary interstate highways and principal roads connecting to the country, and Tijuana International Airport (TIJ) connects with all major cities. Regarding ground transportation, patients have the option to travel to San Diego International Airport (SAN) and arrive in Tijuana in less than 30 minutes.

hair transplant in Tijuana

Hair transplant in Monterrey

Monterrey is one of the cities with the largest health care infrastructure and best medical services in the country. Therefore, patients can find several renowned clinics for receiving a hair transplant in Monterrey.

Another benefit is that Monterrey International Airport (MTY) connects with most US cities and affordable flights are available in almost all seasons.

hair transplant in Monterrey

Hair transplant in Puerto Vallarta

Beach destinations are also part of the medical tourism network in Mexico. Every year the number of patients looking for a hair transplant in Puerto Vallarta has increased thanks to the great quality and value for money. There are many airlines that offer non-stop flights from Canada and the United States to Puerto Vallarta.

hair transplant in Puerto Vallarta

Hair transplant in Cancun

Cancun is another beach destination offering excellent hair restoration services. In most cases, when patients decide to get a hair transplant in Cancun, they usually spend some time before the procedure to have a break, as this destination is one of the best tourist spots for vacationing in Mexico.

Cancun offers first-world facilities plus a wide variety of accommodations for all budgets. Most cities in the United States and Canada offer non-stop flights to Cancun.

hair transplant in Cancun

Why should I choose Hair Center Mexico?

Having a hair transplant in Mexico is the best option if you are looking to restore your hair without compromising quality and at a reasonable price.

With a great effectiveness rate and minimal risk of suffering complications, we can proudly say that our premier hair transplant clinic in Mexico is one of the few authorized in the country to perform hair restoration procedures.

Dr. Cortez and his highly trained team of specialists guarantee patients a safe and successful hair implant procedure. Get an online evaluation from Dr. Cortez here.

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