The cost of having Hair Transplant in Tijuana, Mexico

FUE Hair Transplant - Overview

  • The FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the most advanced and prefered techniques available in the hair transplant industry.
  • It consists in the extraction of individual grafts from the donor area and placing them into areas where there’s little or no hair at all.
  • A single hair graft contains between 1 to 4 hair follicles. The cost of a FUE hair transplant is determined by the number of hair grafts needed for the procedure.
  • FUE is a minimally invasive ambulatory surgery. The patient is able to leave the clinic after the procedure is completed.
  • An FUE hair transplant gives patients a natural look and permanent results.
  • FUE doesn’t leave visible scars, plus side effects are practically minor and unusual.
  • Most patients can return to work or their daily routine in just a matter of days after the procedure.

Cost of FUE Hair Transplant in Tijuana

Searching for a safe and high-quality FUE hair transplant in Mexico can be a daunting task. Price, safety and quality are key factors when considering hair restoration options.

Compared to countries like the United States and Canada, getting a high-quality hair transplant in Tijuana, Mexico, can help you save up to 65%. The average cost of FUE hair transplant surgery in Mexico ranges from $2,990 to $6,990 USD.

The average cost of hair transplant in the United States can be anywhere from $3,500 to $15,000 USD and because hair restoration procedures are considered cosmetic surgery, most medical insurance plans won’t cover it.

Grafts Our Price Price in Unites States
1000 $2,300 $4,400
1300 $2,990 $5,720
1500 $3,600 $6,600
2000 $4,800 $8,800

It’s important to understand all factors involved in having a FUE hair transplant in Tijuana, Mexico.

  • Travel Cost
  • Hair Transplant Recommendation
  • Surgeon’s skill and expertise
  • Post Care

A professional evaluation will allow you to understand the cause of your alopecia and the best way to restore your hair, as well as the number of grafts and sessions needed for your hair transplant procedure. An Online Evaluation is the next step to get the best hair transplant in Tijuana, Mexico.

You would have to fill a small form and share a few photos of your head.

With your information Dr. Cortez will determine if FUE is right for you, and recommend the number of grafts, distribution, sessions and other details for your hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Photos

Hair medical restoration in tijuana reviews and before & afters

Hair Transplant Photos

Hair medical restoration in tijuana reviews and before & afters

FUE Hair Transplant Growth & Recovery time

Hair growth after FUE hair transplant requires patience, since this is not the type of intervention that delivers immediate results; The average patient needs to wait for 12-18 months to notice the final results.

FUE post-op care and recovery time play an important role in the result of hair transplantation.

As in any type of surgery, your doctor will provide you with detailed instructions about FUE post-operative care, which normally includes the dos and don'ts after a hair transplant.

Why hair transplant treatments in Mexico are less expensive

High quality hair restoration treatments at affordable prices is one of main reasons why patients choose to visit us.

Mexico has highly experienced surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities and medical equipment. HHere is a list of main reasons why hair transplants in Mexico cost less:

  • Lower cost of living for surgeons as well as staff
  • Malpractice insurance and licenses costs are a lot less in Mexico
  • Real Estate, including rent, is lower in Mexico
  • The administrative and paperwork are much lower in Mexico

By choosing a state of the art facility and a highly trained surgeon you will save a lot of money and have a successful hair restoration treatment.

Free Shuttle Service

San Diego’s Airport to Tijuana.

Another advantage of having a high quality hair transplant in Tijuana is the proximity to San Diego’s Airport, patients can take a flight to San Diego International Airport.

With our shuttle service we can pick up our patients at San Diego’s Airport and drive them to Tijuana. Once the procedure is completed, we will drive them back to San Diego’s Airport.

san diego airport to tijuana shuttle

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What is included in your FUE all inclusive package?

  • Highly skilled surgeons with over 10 years’ experience
  • Efficient bilingual patient care support
  • 2-night accommodation at a nearby hotel
  • Pre and post-op consultations, and medications*

*Medications are prescribed by Dr. Cortez according to the needs of each patient. Please note that not all medications are included.