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Dr. Cortez Specializes in Hair Restoration Surgery

  • Professional license: 6118154
  • Postgraduate in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Specialist in Aesthetics and Longevity: 8367641
  • Masters in Aesthetic Surgery
  • Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Languages: English and Spanish

Cost of Tijuana FUE Hair Transplant

The average cost of FUE hair transplant in Tijuana is between $2,990 and $6,900 USD depending on the number of grafts each patient needs to restore their hair.

Grafts Our Price Price in Unites States
1,000 $2,400 $4,400
1,500 $3,600 $6,600
2,000 $4,800 $8,800

The FUE Technique at HMR

Experts in the FUE technique.

The FUE Method (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most advanced technique available in the hair transplant industry. It consists in the extraction of individual grafts (containing 1 to 4 hairs) from the donor area and placing them into areas with little or no hair at all.

This technique has many benefits over other hair transplants, learn here more about FUE hair transplant.

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