Learn the difference between
Hair Follicle and Graft

One of the most frequent questions our hair transplant surgeons receive is regarding the difference between a hair follicle and graft. It's very important to understand the difference between these two concepts, since certain technicalities may lead to confusion and mistrust when looking for a hair transplant solution.

What is a hair follicle?

The hair follicle could be defined as the unit of hair production. It is the part of the scalp that gives growth to the hair; in other words, a follicle is the root where hair is born; it's buried in the scalp and can only be observed with a microscope.

When the number and activity of each hair follicle is affected, is when a baldness problem can make its first appearance.

What is a graft (or follicular unit)

Our hair is united into small groups called grafts. In the world of hair restoration, a graft is a piece of tissue holding hair. Technically it is a follicular unit, consisting of between 1 and 4 hairs each, or maybe even more hair follicles.

Thus, when referring to a hair transplant, such as the FUE method, what is really measured is the number of grafts and not the number of hairs that will be implanted. In a few words, each hair has a hair follicle, and each hair follicle has its own graft (follicular unit).

follicular unit graph

Why should I know the difference between a hair follicle and graft?

If you are looking for a solution to your hair loss problem, make sure to get a quote based on the number of grafts.

For example, if a graft has around 4 hairs, the calculation will be based just for 1 graft and not for each hair. Otherwise, if you receive a quote per hair follicle, you won’t only pay 4 times as much, but might get disappointing results, all this just based on a technicality. Avoid any misunderstanding asking for your quote in grafts!

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