Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE is the most successful procedure for Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction in Tijuana.

FUE is considered to be very safe. As with any type of surgical procedure, there will always be some degree of risk of complications. However, we follow the highest standards of safety to minimize any type of risk associated with treatment and recovery.

The procedure involves removing hair follicles one by one from a donor area and grafting them into a section that is balding. This technique has excellent results and has helped many patients with baldness and hair loss.

FUE Benefits:

  • Minimized appearance of scarring
    Almost not visible scaring even wearing short hair. Donor area looks unaffected after two weeks of treatment.
  • Shorter recovery time
    FUE offers fastest recovery time, patients return to work within a week of the procedure
  • Natural looking result
    Each individual graft is extracted from the donor area and transplanted at an angle and density to replicate the natural hair growth creating natural and realistic results.
  • No pain
    No pain during or after treatment. Only local anesthesia is used, you can return home after treatment is done.
  • Less risk of complications
    FUE is a minimal invasive surgery, is an extremely safe procedure without significant risks or complication
  • Complications
    Even though FUE is low-risk complication treatment, the could be some minor, temporary complications like any other surgery. Complications could be an infection, excess bleeding, unsatisfactory results, and pain.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) Process

  1. Evaluation
    Surgeon will evaluate patients case and determined number of grafts needed for the procedure
  2. Photographs
    Pictures are taken by medical team for documentation and postoperative analyses of results
  3. Donor and recipient areas
    Surgeon makes markings to determine donor and recipient area. Skulp might be entirely entirely shave.
  4. Extraction of Follicular Units
    After preparing donor area and appling local anesthesia, Surgeon will extract follicular units from the donor area using millimetric surgical instruments.
  5. Follicular Units Preparation
    After extraction, follicular units are placed in a specific solution that ensures their vitality for the success of the transplant.
  6. Break
    In most cases, a small break is made between the Follicular extraction and Implantation
  7. Follicular Unit Implantation
    In this phase, anesthesia is applied to the recipient area where and the follicular units will be implanted.
  8. Grow process
    Most of of the transplanted hairs will first weeks after surgery. This is a normal process and new hair will grow from those roots.

Hair Growth Process.

A Patient should see full results of Hair Transplant (FUE) after a year of treatment.

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Cost of Follicular Unit Extraction in Tijuana

The cost of your treatment depends on the number of grafts you need. It’s important to mention that grafts are different than hairs. A single graft can have from 1 to 5 hairs.

A good candidate for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is someone that has a good and stable supply of donor hair. The donor hair the area is where grafts will be extracted to cover which is to cover the current and future areas of hair loss.


How long do hair transplants last?
In some cases, a small percentage of transplanted hair may be lost as the patient ages. But for most patients hair transplant should last lifetime

Do you offer online consultations?
Yes, we can schedule a online consultation and evaluate your case and give you a quote for your treatment. Just fill this form and send head images, We’ll get back to you with all details including quote

When does balding start?
Almost everyone has some hair loss with aging. Men usually begin losing hair at 30’s.

Beard hair transplant?
FUE allows to transplant hair (usually form scalp) to your face, populating your beard or mustache with hair giving a natural and good looking look.

How much time off from work do I need for having FUE Hair transplant in Mexico?
We recommend taking two days off. Treatment can take a several hours, depending on the quantity of hair needed. We recommend our patients to consider two days depending on type of work they have, but some patients are able to return to the next day

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