The Importance of an Online Evaluation for a Hair Transplant in Mexico

One of the first steps in someone's hair transplant journey is to get an online evaluation so that Dr. Cortez can assess and provide a specific number of grafts depending on the patient's age, expectations, and recent photos of their scalp.

He will also be able to determine how strong the donor area is and if the patient will need more than one procedure to achieve the results that they truly want. This initial step is crucial for any hair transplant treatment (FUE, DHI, or FUT).

What Are the Steps for an Online Evaluation?

There are various steps that a patient needs to follow to get an online assessment from Dr. Cortez.

The first step is to take pictures of their head from all sides (front, back, laterals, crown) so that Dr. Cortez can analyze the affected and donor areas.

The next step is to fill out Hair Center Mexico's online form with the photos, personal information, and the patient's expectations of the hair transplant.

Then, the patient's information and photos are compiled and analyzed. Then he will suggest a certain amount of grafts.

Get Dr. Cortez Hair Transplant recommendation

Afterward, the team will contact the patient with their specific recommendation and the cost of the procedure. If the patient is interested in continuing the process, our team will send them a list of available dates.

Is Hair Transplant Right for You?

Hair transplants are not for everyone. That's why online evaluations are essential; only some are good candidates for a hair transplant.

Some patients need strong donor hair, or the hair transplant method they are interested in might not be the best one for their specific case.

In addition, patients must express their expectations and give the team all the information necessary so that their case can be thoroughly analyzed.


How Can You Schedule an Appointment?

When the patient is ready to continue with the hair transplant process, the team at Hair Center Mexico will provide them with a list of current available dates and specific steps they need to follow to secure their appointment.

They will also answer any patients' questions regarding their hair transplant recommendation and what the procedure entails. For example, if the price includes transportation, lodging, and any relevant information about traveling to Mexico.

Relevant Information About the Procedure

The FUE hair transplant method is usually for people who suffer from severe alopecia or hair thinning. This method involves extracting hair follicles from the donor area, harvesting them, and placing them in the target area.

An online evaluation is necessary before proceeding with the procedure because the FUE method is not for everyone, it will all depend on hair thickness, the number of possible follicles that can be extracted from the donor area, and the severity of alopecia.