Dr. Cortez is dedicated exclusively to provide the most natural, permanent hair transplant results to both men and women

“I’m a doctor who is passionate about health and challenges. Each day I offer my knowledge so my patients can have the aesthetic results they want and we can establish a relationship based on shared satisfaction”.

– Dr. Jorge Cortez

Dr. Cortez leads a highly trained team that specializes in the most advanced medical and surgical treatments for hair loss available. His techniques and equipment are the latest state of the art surgical options available in the world.

  • Professional license: 6118154
  • Postgraduate in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Specialist in Aesthetics and Longevity: 8367641
  • Masters in Aesthetic Surgery
  • Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery


How long do hair transplants last?
In some cases, a small percentage of transplanted hair may be lost as the patient ages. But for most patients hair transplant should last lifetime

Do you offer online consultations?
Yes, we can schedule a online consultation and evaluate your case and give you a quote for your treatment. Just fill this form and send head images, We’ll get back to you with all details including quote

When does balding start?
Almost everyone has some hair loss with aging. Men usually begin losing hair at 30’s.

Beard hair transplant?
FUE allows to transplant hair (usually form scalp) to your face, populating your beard or mustache with hair giving a natural and good looking look.

How much time off from work do I need for having FUE Hair transplant in Mexico?
We recommend taking two days off. Treatment can take a several hours, depending on the quantity of hair needed. We recommend our patients to consider two days depending on type of work they have, but some patients are able to return to the next day

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