What’s behind the cost of a hair transplant?

When comparing costs between different clinics, it's essential to consider the reasons behind these discrepancies to make an informed choice.

The overall cost of a hair transplant can be determined by several factors. These include location of the clinic, surgeon’s experience and reputation, total number of grafts being transplanted, type of hair transplant technique, and number of sessions.


The region or country where you're getting the procedure done can significantly influence the price. For instance, hair transplants in major cities or countries with high living standards might be more expensive than in other areas.

Surgeons Reputations and Experiences

The skill of the surgeon plays a crucial role in the outcome of the hair transplant, so many people are willing to pay a premium for top professionals. Highly renowned and experienced surgeons tend to charge more for their expertise.

Technique used for the Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): This involves removing a strip of scalp from the donor area and then dissecting it into individual follicular units for transplantation. It usually leaves a linear scar in the donor area.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): This involves individually extracting hair follicles directly from the scalp without removing a strip. It's more time-consuming than FUT but leaves minimal scarring.


Number of Grafts

The total cost often depends on the number of grafts (hair follicles) you need. More extensive balding or thinning areas will require more grafts, leading to a higher cost. It is also important to understand that in cases with a high level of alopecia more than 1 session could be recommended to achieve optimal results.

Expected results

Expectations can significantly influence the cost of a hair transplant in various ways. When considering a hair transplant, both the expected density and areas to be covered can play a role in determining the price.

The Next Step

To determine if a hair transplant is the right solution for hair restoration, seeking advice from various clinics and surgeons is beneficial. Comparing recommendations and prices from multiple sources aids in making a well-informed decision.

Through an online evaluation, Dr. Cortez will evaluate your hair to determine the required number of grafts, sessions, and the cost of a hair transplant. Prices with Dr. Cortez range from $2,990 to $6,900.

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