Too young for a hair transplant?

Best age to get a hair transplant.

Starting to see your hair shed in your 20’s and not able to find an immediate solution can be frustrating.

A Hair transplant is one of the most effective surgical options of hair restoration, but is not recommended at an early age because there is a high possibility the young patient will continue to lose hair.

Androgenic alopecia is a progressive condition, and hair transplantation is a static solution. Meaning a hair transplant will replace the hair that has been lost, but it doesn't prevent the hair from falling out or thinning.

In most cases, patients under 27 years old are advised to use medical treatment to preserve the native hair and wait a couple of years before deciding to undergo a hair transplant procedure.

The risk of having a hair transplant at an early age is that the native hair will keep falling out or thinning and the transplanted grafts won't, this will make your hair look unnatural and worse than it was before surgery.


It is still very important to listen to the hair transplant specialist. When searching for solutions, most patients research the FUE procedure and get online evaluations, take advantage of free online evaluation and get informed.

FUE hair transplant is a permanent solution, the surgeon will extract healthy and strong hair follicles (or hair grafts) from the donor area, usually from the back and place them individually in the reception areas (hairline, top and crown). Your hair will be restored and your hairline will look outstanding and natural.

But there is only a limited supply of hair grafts that can be extracted without damaging the donor area. This is why it is advisable to wait and keep your native hair healthy with medication.


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