ARTAS Hair Restoration - Tijuana, Mexico

As they age, many men start losing hair; some, due to genetics, suffer from alopecia at a young age. Nowadays, there are different ways to prevent or help this condition that many men suffer from.

There are different methods; like FUE and FUT. Lately, with the world’s technological advancement, ARTAS has also become an option for people looking into hair transplant surgery.

ARTAS - How it Works

ARTAS Restoration Robotics is a medical device that assists surgeons in the extraction of hair follicles during a hair transplant surgery. This hair restoration system was first introduced in 2011.

This machine has digital cameras and automatic punches and it is controlled by a hair transplant surgeon. Its main aim is to provide more accurate results compared to other methods.

First, the surgeon places the ARTAS machine on the patient's head, looks at the patient's scalp through a set of cameras.Then, the machine chooses the strongest follicles to extract and places them in the balding area.


ARTAS - Cost Overview

The price of a surgery with ARTAS varies depending on the location of the clinic, the expertise and certifications of the surgeon. In the United States the procedure costs anywhere between $7,000 to $18,000.

However, the price increases if the patient doesn't have insurance. But, no accurate price can be given unless an online evaluation is given, only the surgeon will be able to determine how many grafts the patient will need.

ARTAS - Availability in Mexico

The amount of grafts and price, as stated before, can only be determined by the surgeon after analyzing the patient's specific case. Although, ARTAS is available in Mexico, many surgeons prefer to do the procedure manually due to the following factors:

  • It's only suitable for some patients with hair loss.
  • It can only extract donor hair from the back and sides of the head.
  • A surgeon can do the procedure faster than a machine.
  • The large-diameter punches used by the device can damage nearby follicles.

Alternatives - FUE Hair Transplant Method

Some alternatives that people can find to the ARTAS method in Tijuana is the FUE hair transplant method.

This method has been around since 1988 and perfected in the mid-1990’s. Surgeons in Mexico prefer this method due to its results and hands on procedure.

Currently, the FUE hair transplant method is one of the methods with the highest success rate in the world. The survival rate of transplanted hair follicles with this method is around 90% or higher.

Some advantages of the FUE method include:

  • Natural look outcomes
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimum scaring

ARTAS is a new method and this technology can only get better with time. If you are looking for a hair transplant in Mexico we recommend an online evaluation, the hair transplant surgeon will recommend what method is best.