5,000 grafts hair transplant cost

An essential criteria that patient’s take into consideration for the FUE hair transplant surgery is not only the cost but also the amount of grafts needed for the procedure.

Before diving into these two criterias, it’s important to explain what a FUE hair transplant is.

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is one of the most effective options for patients with alopecia. This method involves the extraction of individual hair grafts from the donor area and placing them into the receiving area. Each follicle unit is removed with a surgical instrument (punch) that incises the skin around the follicular unit. It leaves very small marks which are practically invisible. This technique has a minimum risk of infection and secondary symptoms.


Are 5,000 grafts better?

It is estimated that around 3,000 hair grafts can be transplanted in one session through the FUE method. However, the amount of hair grafts needed for this procedure depends on each individual patient. In addition, the amount of grafts that can be extracted from the donor area are limited, not everyone has the same hair density, severity of alopecia or number of hair strands.

It’s crucial that the patient has an online consultation with their chosen surgeon. Their surgeon will determine the suitable amount of grafts needed for their specific case and the area that can be covered by the specific amount of grafts.

Many patients believe that the more grafts the better but it’s not always the case. Many patients don’t need 5,000 to 6,000 grafts. This is the amount needed for a full scalp, front to back.

However, patients usually decide to go through with the hair transplant surgery in the earlier stages of balding. Therefore, the majority have thinning in specific areas of their scalp which require less grafts. The amount of grafts are linked to the amount of grafts available to each patient, some might want to use them later on.


A surgery for 5,000 grafts can’t be performed in one sitting, this takes two separate sessions to do. Furthermore, the cost of a hair transplant of 5,000 grafts is higher than that of one with just 2,500 grafts. The cost will depend on the amount of grafts needed and as stated before this depends on each individual patient.

The recovery time is about 12 months whether you get a 2000 hair graft transplant or 5000 hair graft transplant.

In conclusion, more grafts doesn’t mean that the result is far better than with less grafts. It’s extremely important that the patient contacts and has a consultation with their preferred surgeon to determine how many grafts they actually need. This is the reason why it’s important to research thoroughly and take experts' advice into consideration before deciding how many grafts the patient wants to be transplanted.

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