2,500 Grafts Hair Transplant in Tijuana


The patient is a male with advanced hair loss who wanted to rebuild the entire front and crown of his scalp. In one session, we were able to remove 2,500 grafts using FUE technique and transplant them on the reception area. The procedure was a success and the patient is very happy because he got the desired goals. This is an example of how Dr. Cortez can help patients suffering from alopecia. Here you can see more examples.

The only way to determine the level of alopecia and how many grafts a patient would need is with a consultation. If you want to learn how many grafts you need to restore your hair, click here and get an online consultation at no cost. Dr. Cortez will analyze your information and photos, we’ll get back to you with a medical recommendation including the cost and all the details of your hair transplant treatment.

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  • Highly skilled surgeons with over 10 years’ experience
  • Efficient bilingual patient care support
  • 2-night accommodation at a nearby hotel
  • Pre and post-op consultations, and medications*

*Medications are prescribed by Dr. Cortez according to the needs of each patient. Please note that not all medications are included.